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Top 10 Earphones In India Under Rs. 5000

by Technical Gyaan

What are the most effective in-ear headphones with mic that you simply should buy in India under 5000? With numerous decisions out there this could be a tough question. However this list aims to inform you precisely about earphones or in-ear monitors (IEMs) in India round the Rs.5000 worth purpose square measure price of your cash. There’s little doubt this mid-range in-ear earpiece section provides you higher performance than the budget IEM headphones that you’ll obtain under Rs. 1000. during this section you begin noticing however quality improves with each few hundred rupees invested with. In the Rs. 2500 to Rs. 5000 worth purpose you may notice quality materials being employed like OFC cables, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) overlay, perhaps a touch of kevlar, housings crafted out of high-density plastic if not exotic metals. most significant of all, you get the foremost vital bump in performance furthermore.

Dual Driver

The 1 More dual driver is that the smaller relative to the 1More triple driver. One would suppose that ditching one driver would result in a loss in sound quality however 1More has still managed to place some ample bass in there. In terms of style and engineering, the twin driver in-ear is strictly clone of the triple driver in-ears. in order that they already supply the type of style and build well on top of their worth. Overall the headphone provides a stress to bass and stands atop this list thanks to the appearance, durability, and comfy match that solely a number of different IEM during this budget will offer.

Hi-Res F5

F5 comes complete with “Hi-Res” audio certification from the Japan Audio Society that has become quite an normal for many fashionable high-quality headphones and sources within the market. It conjointly comes with MFI(Made for iPods) certification that permits it to figure 100 percent with iOS devices. However, it conjointly comes complete with a switch circuit to robot capability. The F5 are not in any respect meant for the bass heads; instead they supply a lot of natural to neutral musical notation with a clean sounding presentation. they’re a lot of suggestions for people who need a lot of balanced sound signatures on a budget.


RHA, the Scottish earpiece Manufacturer has returned up with its budget IEM. The earphones supply a wonderful build quality conjointly whereas providing balanced audio. However, do not expect the signature dynamic to vary or sound staging of RHA. The highs on S500u will be sibilant now and then which could create the highs exciting however conjointly fatiguing to treble sensitive listeners. If you’re comfortable with no volume management buttons and three years of warranty appears enticing to you, then you’re going with these.


Meze, principally known for his or her Classic ninety-nine headphones with deep bass, has returned up with a budget IEM. The Meze 11 NEO is obscurity almost Classic 99’s huge cans, however, it provides associate degree optimum bass response particularly considering that they simply have an associate degree, 8mm drivers. but the buds do sacrifice a small indefinite amount of detail that results in associate degree overall heat sound signature with crisp highs.

Jays a-Six Wireless

The fact that Jays a-Six Wireless square measure here during this list competitor against the full-fledged wired IEMs in itself says that wireless audio has steadily grown up up to a degree wherever it would beat the wired headphone section once it involves sound quality furthermore. The a-Six wireless is a lot of fitness-focused wireless earphones that support Bluetooth v4.1. With the correct match and tweaking the sound signature would be appealing to each bass furthermore as balance lovers however not the maximum amount to people who need bright highs. However, these will not let down you as wireless sports IEM expulsion some minor style flaws.

Sennheiser CX 3.0

The Sennheiser CX 3.0 options smart dynamic vary, however, it lacks details, particularly within the middle and better frequencies. There is a misreading of the treble that cuts down the small print and dampens the sound signature of the high hats and takes faraway from a number of the long-lasting stringed instrument solos that type giant elements of our check samples. Also, it’s no inline buttons therefore there is very little loss of convenience furthermore.


The boAt Nirvana Tres square measure triple driver earphones with a subpar build quality. Though they honestly go with 6mm triple drivers within, do not expect the standard even anyplace almost different triple drivers like Fiio F9 or 1More triple driver. However, those square measures priced well on top of 5k whereas Nirvana Tres is presently merchandising for concerning 2k on Amazon(price slashed from 4k). The Nirvana Tres sounds equally balanced with smart clarity however considerably lacks bass.

BackBeat match 305

BackBeat match 305 is another wireless sports IEM during this class. If you cannot dish out that additional 1k for a-Six from Jays then match 305 will be an honest choice for you. withal the earphones flaunt associate 

degree IPX5 water and sweat resistance that the a-six lacks. However, the claimed battery life stands at around half dozen hours that is kind of but what a-Six must supply. If you would like nice passive noise cancellation and like bass over anything, then these square measure for you.


The award-winning E10C gets a successor with constant cheap worth. The E11C provides an even higher build victimisation metallic element rather than plastic employed in E10C. The sound is brighter with no specific inclination towards either bass or treble. As a comparatively cheaper IEM, these earphones will be an honest acceptable fit for ears measuring casual listeners who haven’t any specific music inclination.


Blue Byrd from Beyerdynamic is the only wireless IEMs during this class that formally support aptX™ LL, aptX™, AAC, SBC hi-res codecs. The earphones conjointly sport MOSAIC* sound personalization school that Beyerdynamic claims can assist you to get a sound totally tailored to your own ears. Also, if you wish for some Bluetooth phone with that you’ll sleep well on your aspect, then these are the earphones you come with since they are available with associate degree ultra-flat style that won’t maintain your ear notwithstanding you’ve got them in whereas taking note of music whereas lying on your aspect.

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