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The Google Home app features an early look at Google's new wired Nest Cam

Just two of the four new cameras that Google recently unveiled for its Nest lineup—the Nest Cam (battery) and the new Nest Doorbell (battery)—were actually available at the time of the announcement. However, it looks like the much-anticipated Nest Cam (wired) has now surfaced. The product name is showing during the camera setup procedure in a recent version of the Google Home app, which may be a sign that a launch is about to happen. Although the verbosely named Nest Cam (wired) isn’t officially announced by Google, some users are seeing the name as an option when setting up their cameras in the Google Home app v2.44.1.8 (available at APK Mirror). In light of this, older Nest cameras still need to be initialized using the antiquated Nest app, though Google has hinted that this may change in the future. Nevertheless, we have independently verified that the more recent unreleased model is the one for which this newly visible choice is intended, as we are unable to use the older connected cameras. There’s a possible reason. It was unintentionally leaked by Cnet that Google was holding a hardware event on October 5.

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Samsung improves Galaxy AI as it integrates Bixby hands-free.

With Galaxy AI, Samsung has declared that it is moving forward by going fully hands-free. The business claims in a news release that it has connected its program with Bixby as part of its "steps to enable easy and seamless AI usability." On a Galaxy S24 device, users will be able to use their voices to activate a variety of Galaxy AI capabilities. One such function is Interpreter, which users may activate by saying, "Hey Bixby, turn on the interpreter," according to Samsung. Additionally, users are free to start "Transcript Assist."The Korean OEM lists a few additional tasks that users can ask Bixby to perform with Galaxy AI: -Live Translate -Spelling Correction -Webpage Summaries -File organization with automated note covers Furthermore, Samsung advises users to exercise patience because the "reliability" or accuracy of its Galaxy AI software may fluctuate. Users may also need to log into their Samsung Account in order to access certain potential cloud-based capabilities. Furthermore, not all AI-powered features can be accessed and used using Bixby. It appears that customers should wait for Samsung to expand the list of approved regions before utilizing Galaxy AI's Bixby integration. Although this is just another Galaxy AI feature coming to the S24 series, the firm has revealed that some of the others will also be available on previous generation handsets. Google's Chat Assist (Live Translations) and other features will soon be available to owners of Galaxy S23, FE, Fold, Flip, and Tab S devices.

You may see 'Plug and Charge' places for EVs on Google Maps.

What you should be aware of An examination of the APK reveals that Google is attempting to add “Plug and Charge” details for electric vehicle users to Maps. Plug and Charge: This charging technique allows the vehicle do the heavy lifting of authorizing its payment and refueling cycle. A feature like this will probably support a number of other EV-related Maps enhancements, like the ones that were showcased at CES 2024. It appears that Google Maps is getting ready to include a feature that would enable EV drivers to benefit from a neat charging technique. Android Authority’s APK deep dive claims that there are “Plug and Charge” location suggestions concealed in the most recent Maps update. According to a line of code in Google’s version 111.15.103, drivers will be able to “charge more conveniently, without using your phone or charging card.” When it launches, this description is probably going to serve as a quick introduction for drivers. Furthermore, strings within the app’s code hint at an upcoming feature that would allow users to precisely search for Plug and Charge sites using Maps Search. According to BMW, which was cited in the article, this charging method is presumably a new standard because it offers “convenient charging with unique flexibility.” According to the automaker, all drivers need to do with Plug and Charge is connect the wire to their car; the automobile will take care of the rest. It will concurrently send its driver’s billing details and authenticate itself to start charging. More significantly, Plug and Charge is supposed to function at the station even without an internet connection. This feature appears to be aimed for subterranean parking garages where internet connectivity can become limited. Along with BMW, Ford, GM, and Mercedes are said to use this charging technique Google announced improved Android Auto connectivity during CES 2024, suggesting that the company is expanding the capabilities it offers for EV drivers in Maps. Maps now include the option to recommend charging stations and provide an estimated time of charge for electrical refueling on your specified route. According to Google, the app will also provide users an estimate of how much battery life their car would have left by the time the trip is over. According to the business, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning will be the first vehicles to get it in 2024. It’s unclear if Google’s efforts to enable Plug and Charge for Android Auto drivers will extend to smartphone users only or include drivers of Android Auto as well. Another function of Maps is the ability for drivers to choose the kind of fuel—gas, diesel, electric, or hybrid—that their vehicle runs on. This would allow drivers to get a customized route that is the most “energy efficient” for the fuel source that their car uses.


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