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Xiaomi Mi AirDots: True Wireless Headset

by Technical Gyaan

Xiaomi introduced Mi AirDots Youth Edition Bluetooth wireless headsets with Bluetooth 5.0 in China last year. The Mi Airdots area unit extremely reasonable as compared to alternative true wireless earbuds and pack a seven.2mm driver unit to provide deep bass and high-quality stereo audio, however, do these honest in day to day usage? must you get Mi AirDots simply just in case you’re making an attempt to seek out a try of really wireless earphones, scan on our review to hunt out?

  • Box Contents
  • Mi AirDots with the charging case
  • Micro USB cable
  • Extra ear-tips
  • User guide

We recently unboxed the Mi AirDots, examine the unboxing and initial impressions.

Design and Build Quality

Mi AirDots options a stripped-down style virtually like alternative Xiaomi scheme merchandise, it comes with a case that options a matte end on the best and are entirely made up of plastic. aside from the best lid, the case is liable to scratches.

The earbuds even have a matte end on the skin and area unit made up of plastic, due to that earbuds area unit light-weight and weigh simply four.2 grams, together with the case the whole weight is a smaller amount than forty grams.

The earbuds area unit control tightly via magnetic pins within the case, these do not fall away from the case albeit you hold the case the incorrect far. Mi AirDots options AN in-ear style and comes with sets of extra ear-tips. there’s AN diode on every earbud and one on the charging case.

The earbuds do not feature any disapproval however Mi disapproval area unit typically found on the best of the case, and the bottom of the case includes product and charging info. The earbuds area unit extremely little and even with the case, the full package is simple to carry around.

These earbuds area units extremely comfy and lightweight to use and should be used for long sessions with none hassle. These match dead in ears and don’t fall off accidentally, the earbuds don’t fall off although you shake your head, therefore there shouldn’t be any drawback if you intend to use Mi AirDots whereas workouts or running. Mi AirDots is out there in white color solely and acquires dirty simply. Overall, these area units light-weight, well-built, and comfortable to use even for long sessions.

Connectivity and Pairing

Mi AirDots has Bluetooth five.0 support and as per the company, the association varies is around ten meters. throughout our testing, we tend to found the association varies to be sensible, albeit you permit your phone throughout area|an area| space} and attend the adjacent room with the AirDots, the AirDots keep operating with none hassle. even if Mi AirDots comes with Bluetooth five.0 support, it will solely be connected to a minimum of one device at a time.

Similar to alternative true wireless earbuds, pairing Mi AirDots with a replacement device is not a lot of a task. merely take away the right earbud from the charging case, a white diode starts blinking on the earbud. On looking for a replacement Bluetooth device, it shows up as MI AIRDOTS BASIC_R, attach with it. once the association is established, the blinking diode ought to detonate. Now, take away the left earbud from the charging case, and it mechanically gets connected to the right earbud. I tested it with Redmi seven and Redmi Note seven professional and ne’er moon-faced any pairing connected issue.

There is an honest latency once it involves pairing between each the earbuds and through our testing, it perpetually takes {2|two|a try of} seconds to pair up each the earbuds and correct, generally, it took 3-4 seconds similarly. The latency issue area unit typically neglected as Mi AirDots area unit budget directed wireless earbuds.

Both the earbuds have a touch-sensitive space on the highest, one faucet on left/right earbud works as a play/pause button, and double faucet may be wont to summon voice assistants. Mi AirDots can also be used to attend/reject calls, one faucet on either of the earbud area unit typically used to pick-up a decision, ANd an extended faucet may be wont to reject a decision.

During our usage, we tend to didn’t get pleasure from the touchpad implementation for multiple reasons. First, the number can’t be adjusted by the earbuds and conjointly songs can’t be skipped, I had to reach my phone whenever I wished to control the number or modification sound recording. Second, there is a high likelihood of hit touchpad whereas golf shot the earbuds in your ears or removing from ears. Double faucet on touchpad gesture works as a mute button, however, I used to be unable to show off mute mode mistreatment the faucets on the touchpad and had to place the earbuds back among the charging case to indicate off mute mode. The last reason, the shortage of English code, it runs on Chinese code therefore you get voice feedback in Chinese once it enters pairing mode and connects with success.

Audio Quality and decision PerformanceThe Mi AirDots options a seven.2 millimeter driver unit to provide deep bass and high-quality stereo audio and supports Bluetooth five.0. The Mi AirDots will transfer sound by mistreatment AAC Bluetooth codec solely and lacks high-quality aptX codec support.

The sound quality of Mi AirDots is good, as you’d expect for the value, it exceeded my expectations in terms of audio performance. detain mind the value of the Mi AirDots as it’s not honest to expect high-end performance from little drivers.

Both the earbuds have associate degree built-in mike for making calls, we tend to did not notice the choice quality via Mi AirDots up to the mark, it is a bent to amplify close sound. Overall, if you may overlook the shortcomings and embrace the wireless life and compactness, you will be a cheerful beholder.

Battery Life

The battery capacity of each earbud is forty mAh, the company claims an electric battery life of four hours in stereo mode, and five hours in mono mode. Mi AirDots will last for twelve hours in total with the case, the battery capacity of the case is three hundred mAh. throughout our testing, we tend to found the battery life to induce on par with the claims if used at 70-80% volume. If you’ve robot phones running robot eight.1 or later, you will see battery life of the earbuds at intervals the standing bar, that we tend to found to be fairly correct with Redmi seven and Redmi Note seven professional.

The earbuds begin charging via magnetic pins as before long as they’re unbroken at intervals the case, the earbuds take concerning one hour time unit to urge charged from 0-100. each the earbuds feature a junction rectifier indicator to send word the user concerning the charging, the junction rectifier on every earbud glows in red color whereas charging and thus the junction rectifier burst as before long because the earbud is charged totally.

The charging case takes concerning two hours to urge totally charged, it area unit usually charged using a Micro-USB cable. associate degree junction rectifier lightweight area unit usually found on the case conjointly, the junction rectifier glows in red color whereas charging and junction rectifier turns white as before long as a result of the case is totally charged.

To add it up, the battery life on Mi AirDots is good if not nice, on a charge you may hear music for four hours, and once the batteries area unit drained, simply drop the earbuds back at intervals the charging case. Also, ensure to charge the case once in an exceeding number of days.


So must you obtain the Mi AirDots? Well, if you’re not associate degree audiophile and finding out a try of reasonable really wireless earbuds, Mi AirDots area unit price thought. Priced at RMB 199 (US$ twenty-nine / agency 1990 approx.) Mi AirDots delivers on basics well, be it battery life, property, comfort, or designed and won’t foil you with the audio performance.

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